Frequently Asked Questions

In a world of binary events covering hundreds of drugs there are sure to be some questions.

How would you suggest a novice investor best use BioPharmCatalyst to assist with their investing? What stocks should I invest in?

BioPharmCatalyst does not issue recommendations regarding the purchase and selling of stocks.

Which companies are listed on BioPharmCatalyst?

Small-mid cap biotech companies listed on AMEX and NASDAQ. Large cap companies are not covered. OTC companies are also not covered.

What sources are used to create the FDA Calendar?

SEC Filings and press releases.

Why is the short ratio value (days to cover) different to other online services?

The short ratio is the number of shares sold short divided by the average daily volume (ADV). It shows approximately how many days it will take short-sellers to cover their positions. The higher the ratio, the longer it would take to buy back the short shares.

While the value of short interest (shares sold short) is always known the ADV will differ according to the time period. For example, the ADV over 10 days will be different to the ADV over 30 days, 6 months etc. 

Consequently, the short ratio value will differ according to the ADV value that is used.

Is the FDA Calendar an official resource?

No. The FDA Calendar is run independently of the FDA. There is no affiliation between the FDA and BioPharmCatalyst.

Do you provide data on historical catalysts? Your FDA Calendar page has all sorts of dates for trial results. I'd like to look over the last few years' worth of catalysts.

BioPharmCatalyst does not currently provide data on past PDUFA and clinical catalysts. 

Data on previous Phase 3 and PDUFA catalysts is being put together in the background. A decision whether or not to add this to BioPharmCatalyst will most likely be made in late 2017. The decision will be made according to the accuracy and depth of data.

Why is Company GHJK, currently trading on the OTC exchange not listed on BioPharmCatalyst?

BioPharmCatalyst focuses on companies listed on AMEX/NASDAQ. 

Company SDFG has a Phase 1 data presentation next month but it is not listed in the FDA Calendar. Why is this?

A company must have a drug in Phase 2 or 3 development or have an upcoming PDUFA date to be listed on BioPharmCatalyst. The only exception is when a company's most advanced pipeline drug has not reached Phase 2 development. In this case, the drug will be added.

Is the share price shown on your website live?

No. Financial data (e.g. price and volume) are updated once every weekday evening following the close of trading around 5pm EST. The values shown during the trading day reflect the data from the PREVIOUS trading day. 

I noticed you have colors under the different stages (e.g. ARRY Phase 2 has red and orange highlighted under where it says Phase 2. What do these 6 possible color highlights represent?

The six stages represent the different stages of drug development, from Phase 1 (Stage 1) to the final stage when the FDA makes their decision whether to approve the drug or not (Stage 6). This is not an official scale, rather just one used by BioPharmCatalyst.

1) Phase 1, Phase 1b, Phase 1/2
2) Phase 2, Phase 2b
3) Phase 3
4) NDA filing
6) Approved/CRL