BioPharmCatalyst Celebrates Second Anniversary!

Jun 27, 2012 5 Comments by

It’s official. celebrates its second birthday today and it’s time to thank those who made it all happen!

The site has grown in readership significantly over the past two years and it is your positive feedback that gives me the energy to continue providing FREE unbiased tools to assist you in your investing and trading decisions.

If you’re new to BioPharmCatalyst, the “About” section gives a general overview of what tools are available.

A big thank you to the regular donors of BioPharmCatalyst who have supported me in keeping the site FREE. The website is maintained solely by myself so I greatly  appreciate the support shown. Thank you!

There are two supporters in particular I would like to thank, both of whom are well known by their twitter handles.

1) @SheffStation – The most significant donor in terms of dollar amount who also runs his own board on Ihub.

2) @23aloha – The most frequent donor through her donations. Thank you Sarie.

Other significant and/or regular donors from the twitterverse who I’d like to thank include @chasingthealpha and @HumbleBioTrader, while I’d also like to mention non-tweeter and friend, J.Michael.

Thank you also to my webmaster of BioPharmCatalyst. Nao, your continued generosity does not go unnoticed.

Last, but definitely not least, to my good friend @Mahmissa who provided much feedback when I started my FDA Calendar in 2009, well before I was on twitter or had established BioPharmCatalyst. Thank you M and your sidekick @Superrfly.

I am continually brainstorming and seeking feedback on improvements to make your visit an even more prosperous one. As always, I welcome suggestions to further lift the bar.

Once again, thank you readers for making it all worthwhile!







About the author

Currently residing in New Zealand, Mr. A.Burden holds a Master of Commerce in International Business from the University of Sydney and used these skills together with his passion for investing to establish BioPharmCatalyst in June 2010 as a tool for investing decisions in the US pharmaceutical market. He spends much of his free time mountain biking, playing squash and hiking.

5 Responses to “BioPharmCatalyst Celebrates Second Anniversary!”

  1. Jose says:

    Ony recent I descovery this good site.
    Continue with a good work.

  2. Andrew says:

    Congrats on the milestone and thanks for your service and helping to inspire my work at BiotechDueDiligence

  3. Nilesh Patel says:

    Congratulations…. Can’t thank you enough for the hard work you put to keep calenders up to date. It has helped me make some very good stock selections.. Congrats once again

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