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New tool added to Financial Database – View S-3 shelf filings for all companies

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Readers now have the opportunity to view recent S-3 shelf filings in the Financial Database. Such a filing is required to comply with SEC regulations before filing a public offering. S-3 filings remain valid for up to three years. A shelf offering is not an immediate offering of shares. Rather, it gives the company an option to sell […]

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ARNA PDUFA date set. FOLD pipeline update.

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Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARNA) and Eisai Inc. announced today that their NDA resubmission of lorcaserin for obesity has been accepted by the FDA. They have been allocated a PDUFA date of  June 27, 2012. Amicus Therapeutics (Nasdaq:FOLD) gave a pipeline update yesterday noting that it expects to complete its Phase 2 (Study 013) trial evaluating migalastat co-administered with […]

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